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Building a successful brand starts from creating the proper logo.
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Simplicity + uniqueness = logotype. That is how we describe the formula of the effective logo. Seems easy, isn’t it?
But achieving such light balance, at first glance, the logo should also :

– to be concise and look harmonious both in black and white and in color performance;
– to be easily recognizable, evoke positive feelings and emotions, and clearly reflect the essence of the company;
– to look great regardless of size or use ( electronic version, application on different surfaces, etc.).

Therefore, developing a logotype is truly a difficult task to do. But for our creative designers that`s a piece of cake!
We know all the intricacies of working logo development. So, shall we do that cool logo together?


Developing of Logo in Lviv: 5 main principles of successful logo

To create a logo, we adhere to the basic principles that provide the best result for our customers:

Simple  – is not only pleasant to look at, but also recognizable. Logo’s excessive complication leads to loss of message of the chosen product.

Recognition – is not just about a balance between simple and effective but also about memorability of that logo which is using something unexpected and one-of-a-kind.

Stability – a good logo can withstand the test of time therefore it does not obey trends or fashion.

Versatility – logos must be used on different electronic media and in different colors and sizes, so it’s important that on each gadget it looks great.

Compliance – the brand’s logo should be resonant in the main audience. This can be done using colors, shapes, or characters with which the target audience will identify themselves.


No Logo
Brand's promotion opportunity 1 of 10
Company's recognition 1 of 10
Customer's credibility 1 of 10
Positive associations 1 of 10
Choice among competitors 2 of 10
Unicity of goods and services 1 of 10
Amateur level of developing Logo
Brand's promotion opportunity 4 of 10
Company's recognition 5 of 10
Customer's credibility 4 of 10
Positive associations 4 of 10
Choice among competitors 5 of 10
Unicity of goods and services 3 of 10
Professional developing level of Logo
Brand's promotion opportunity 9 of 10
Company's recognition 10 of 10
Customer's credibility 9 of 10
Positive associations 8 of 10
Choice among competitors 9 of 10
Unicity of goods and services 10 of 10

In every project we are working on, we put inspiration and responsibility. That is why we would like to represent our working process before ordering the logo Lviv.

01 Brief

We will provide you with a brief - list of the most important design issues. Brief allows us to get the clearest and most detailed information about your company, product, or service, considering all your wishes, we offer the best stylistic solutions.
Only after careful analysis of the brief can the designer get to work.

02 Analysis

The WE.DESIGN team examines the information provided by you in the brief. We analyze the activities of your company, study the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors, we also work on market analysis. The designers discuss the concept of design, color options, visual design, and style, they offer ideas and ways of implementation.

03 Concept's implementation

At this stage, with the help of graphics editors, designers choose the best ideas and start visually implementing the concept. Our studio will develop for you several different conceptual solutions so that you can choose the best option for your business.

04 Presentation

Designers design the final versions of the developed concepts through presentations. The presentation will allow you to see what will look like a conceptual solution, one way or the other, in a "live" way and choose the best of it.

05 Refinement

Once you select one concept among the proposed ones and make your adjustments, designers will start the process of refining. At this stage, we are finalizing the approved concept, so that you get the most effective and aesthetic version of the design as a result, which will work a 100% for you!

06 Preparing files

We will stick with you at every stage and implement an awesome project because the achieved success of our client is our success! Also, in the final stage, we prepare and give you all the working materials that can be used both for printing and on the web. Your brand will be admired and we can ensure that!


Just text us 🙂 We will contact you ASAP !

Each logo is a unique work that requires certain resources. Text us and tell us about your project’s needs. In this way, we will be able to determine the price.

WE.DESIGN is a graphic design studio that implements complex projects for business – from the development of logo and packaging to the creation of a new brand with its own philosophy and visual history.

On average, logo creation takes 7-14 working days. However, the development time depends on your needs, the number of logo options required, and other given details.



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