How does a brand increase recognition and establish an emotional connection with the consumer? Applies animation!

Animation is such a greatest tool that makes your project lively. Moving elements always attract more attention than regular & static ones. A person’s interest is kept by how the animated logo on a site changes or what will happen to the icon if you put a cursor on it.

A website animated banner or a Facebook business page will encourage the user to stay longer on this exact page considering a moving image and will rather push it to the needed action (press the button, move to the site, call, buy goods, etc.).

In addition, the animation ”lives” online which allows a large number of people to meet and get together with your brand.



An animation is a tool that can help you interact with your audience in an engaging way. Animation creation is a captivating process that results in drawing the audience’s attention to your brand.

Helps storytelling
To attract the audience you need to tell them an interesting story. Creating animations is an additional bargaining chip of the brand. If the animation evokes positive emotions in your target audience it is more likely that potential customers will remember your brand and associate it with something pleasant in the future.

More views equal more spreadings

As customers are flooded with various kinds of online content they certainly will want to choose something simple, informative, and quickly viewed. When it comes to content consumption, watching a video is more fun usually than reading text. The chances of more hits and reposts are increasing by using animation. People can share animations with their friends and colleagues and as a result, become promoters of your brand.

Pleasant first impression

The first impression has a big impact on how people really see the product. We just need a few seconds to decide whether we like something. Since the logo is the first representative of the brand it should impress potential customers. An original animated logo is the greatest way to surprise people and increase the chances of making your brand memorable. A positive first impression helps to get users interested in your brand.

WE.DESIGN team creates for you vibrant and visually eye-catching animated pictures which initially will become your brand’s advertising instument.


Brand promotion possibility 5 of 10
Company's recognition 6 of 10
Customer's credibility 5 of 10
Positive associations 4 of 10
Choice among competitors 4 of 10
Increasing company's image 4 of 10
Brand promotion possibility 6 of 10
Company's recognition 7 of 10
Customer's credibility 6 of 10
Positive associations 6 of 10
Choice among competitors 5 of 10
Increasing company's image 5 of 10
Brand promotion possibility 9 of 10
Company's recognition 10 of 10
Customer's credibility 9 of 10
Positive associations 9 of 10
Choice among competitors 9 of 10
Increasing company's image 10 of 10

The process of designing and implementing your project includes 6 important steps:

01 Brief

We will provide you with a brief - list of the most important design issues. Brief allows us to get the clearest and most detailed information about your company, product, or service, considering all your wishes, we offer the best stylistic solutions.
Only after careful analysis of the brief can the designer get to work.

02 Analysis

The WE.DESIGN team examines the information provided by you in the brief. We analyze the activities of your company, study the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors, we also work on market analysis. The designers discuss the concept of design, color options, visual design, and style, they offer ideas and ways of implementation.

03 Concept's implementation

At this stage, with the help of graphics editors, designers choose the best ideas and start visually implementing the concept. Our studio will develop for you several different conceptual solutions so that you can choose the best option for your business.

04 Presentation

Designers design the final versions of the developed concepts through presentations. The presentation will allow you to see what will look like a conceptual solution, one way or the other, in a "live" way and choose the best of it.

05 Refinement

Once you select one concept among the proposed ones and make your adjustments, designers will start the process of refining. At this stage, we are finalizing the approved concept, so that you get the most effective and aesthetic version of the design as a result, which will work a 100% for you!

06 Preparing files

We will stick with you at every stage and implement an awesome project because the achieved success of our client is our success! Also, in the final stage, we prepare and give you all the working materials that can be used both for printing and on the web. Your brand will be admired and we can ensure that!



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