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WE.DESIGN is a graphic design studio that implements complex projects for business from the development of logo and packaging to the creation of a new brand with its own philosophy and visual history.

The studio was founded in 2015 and for 5 years we have been creating a design that allows companies to excel among others in the market. During this time we developed more than 100 logos and brand projects for customers from Ukraine, Poland, and the USA, we took part in graphic design competitions, where we were in the top three, and managed to work with both small individual projects and large companies.

We are certain that correct visualization emphasizes the company’s image, evokes the required emotions in customers, and attracts attention to the brand. Therefore, the goal of our team is to offer you bold and fresh visual solutions for your business!


Corporate style graphic elements are not just pretty pictures. Essentially, a company’s identity can tell the history of the company, convey emotions, experience, and make the brand’s face. Through the professional development of the brand’s corporate style, it is easy to win potential consumers, attract the attention of the target audience, create the right positioning of a product or service, and set a successful push for the financial growth of the business.

Therefore, we immerse ourselves in the idea of the customer, study tasks in detail, and analyze the target audience in order to develop a design that “for a 100%” will reflect the philosophy of the company and its individuality.

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We follow the latest trends and innovations in design, and at the same time we do not work according to the template, but we always look for new solutions for each project. We are convinced that design for business should work efficiently, so we successfully combine creative potential with realizations of the tasks that need to be solved with visualization.

Graphic design combines aesthetic and functional components. Putting this simply: the logo, corporate style elements, or the character should be attractive, attract the sight of the consumer, causing him to show desired emotions. That’s an aesthetic component.
The functional part means that the person not only noticed the design of the logo or packaging goods but also remembered it, they had a subconscious desire to buy this product or use a certain service and like so, the design of your brand worked correctly.

we.design team

By trusting us with your project, you can be sure of a high-quality result. Why so? A whole team of qualified designers will immediately work on your task. Moreover, this is a huge plus because each of them has a one-of-a-kind, professional vision, and a unique working style.

Teamwork is what really allows you to constantly grow and find non-standard and creative solutions in graphic design. We understand that time is money for business, so we guarantee you prompt and quality implementation of your order in a short period of time.

Alexandr Founder
Maria Account manager
Natalya SMM manager
Volodya Graphic Designer
Sofia Graphic Designer
Andrew Graphic Designer
Irina Graphic Designer
Pavlo Graphic Designer
Veronika Graphic Designer

Design is ideas made visible

Graphic design is a visual communication between brand and consumer its an integral part and critically essential element of modern business. It is a graphic adaptation of the idea, philosophy, and company’s values through colors, images, textures, fonts. Logos of brands, packing of goods on stores shelves, design of sites and social networks, interesting characters that is how work of graphic designers looks like.

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